Men's Facial Skin Care
Men's Facial Skin Care product
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Men's Facial Skin Care

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High end Men's Facial Skin Care products.... without the price tag and Attitude...

Simple and easy to use Men's Facial Skin Care;is what you get with the FGXpress Beauty Strip product line direct from the manufacturer.

Now available in more then 180 countries and growing; due to the fact it delivers.

Cost effective to the extreme since one of the facial treatments in this multipack is equal to the top regenerative facial in any Spa treatment facility in the world.


Loaded with Vitamins and Amino Acids which are the building blocks of skin tissue.

The main nutritional source being from Marine Phytoplankton,which is the best food source for the body. Men's Health and Beauty Therapist Claude Edwin Theriault has been working with sea algae since 1990 for the simple reason other vegetative food source delivers the nutritional punch, of Marine Phytoplankton.

Read more on product info pdf to see just how effective this stuff is.


Very masculine line very much made to be compatible with the hormonal identity of a mans skin.Visit FGXpress to see and buy from them there as opposed to here .

Ignore the $49;00 price listed on this page , it is obligatory piece of info to publish the product page... the actual price is paid when you buy direct from FGXpress .. go see and discover this line at FGXpress.


Part of the exclusive Food Supplement Product line The store carries in the Super Food Supplement Collection here at the Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle store.