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Established in Toronto since 1997 by Certified Men's Health and Beauty Therapist Claude Edwin Theriault.The Male Beauty Forum has been the best kept secret Men's Health and Beauty Spa Services Studio in Toronto... it really has.Since it is 19 floors above the mainstream Spa circuit.


Shop with confidence on the McAfee secure shopping cart. Shipping is not Amazon Prime with a 48 hour delivery. However you will get your items in 8-10 business days.Just so you know while you are doing your fashion overhaul to invent your look and style.

Make a note all prices are in Canadian Dollars ...adding up to significant savings for your retail price conscious self, while stepping up your fashion game without breaking the bank.

View relevant men's product collections in ;Men'sSports Gear,Men's Travel Bags,Men's Hats, Men's Personal Grooming Products,Men's Footwear styles,Men's Jewelry , Superfood Nutrition not found in mainstream,as well as a Male Nude Artwork Reproduction Gallery coming in early 2017 with additional collections. like  Men's Fetish Gear and Toys& Tech Gadgets coming as well..so stay tuned.