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About Us

The new Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle online the progression of 20 years of experience selling Men's Spa services in Toronto.

Certified Men's Health and Beauty Therapist owner; Claude Edwin Theriault is excited to soon offer new collections in Bachelor Pad decor, in Bedroom,Livingroom, Bath,Kitchen ,Outdoor patio ,Garden as well as the Art Reproductions that match.

Home Style Men can actually get excited about living with.On the easy self serve platform of e-commerce online shopping.



Take advantage of all item prices being in Canadian Dollars... it really does add up to significant savings .....for you.

The store Collections are stocked with well researched items like... BlackHoodies, Men's Grooming products,Mens Jewelry Watches,Shoe and Boot Footwear,

Men's Hats,Travel Luggage Bags, Superfood Nutrition Supplements,Sports Gym workout Gear to a Male Nude Art Gallery offering reproductions of the Male Nude.

Stylist High End shopping without the High End Fashion attitude and ridiculous retail mark up ,for the Affluent Men's Lifestyle types.